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Bean to Cup Brewing

bean to cup equipment

Today’s Bean to Cup brewers brew amazing cups of coffee, so great that you’ll swear you were drinking your favourite hot beverage hand crafted at your local café. Combined with the sleek and modern design and intuitive, interactive touch screens, today’s bean to cup machines are sure to increase productivity and complement your corporate culture.

  • Choose your brew - Multiple bean canisters mean 2 (sometimes more!) coffees waiting to be brewed.

  • Café Quality Drinks - With pre-programed gourmet drink selections such as fresh brew coffees, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte and more, there is no need to head out of the office for your favourite beverage.

  • Design your perfect drink - Many of the bean to cup brewers allow for customizing the strength, size and more so that each drink is prepared to be enjoyed.

  • Less waste, more productivity - No more brewing a pot of coffee at 3pm for one person to get their afternoon pick me up.

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