The Best Vending Machine Service Toronto Has
to Offer

Canteen Canada provides Toronto with the most advanced vending machine solutions. We can stock your break room with the best snacks, beverages, fresh food, and healthy options out there. When it comes to your Toronto break room service, don’t make concessions on your favorite products. We offer top-selling brands in every machine and make sure they’re always stocked and ready to go. Our Toronto vending equipment have modern features like mobile payment options, LED lighting, and remote inventory technology.

Toronto self-serve micro-markets

Avenue C Micro-Market’s Available for Toronto Businesses

Want to offer something unique to your Toronto employees? Our Avenue C micro-market service is just what you’re looking for! Our Toronto micro-markets are custom designed to fit your specific space. This open market concept is made up of a series of racks, coolers, displays and a self-checkout kiosk. Since micro-markets have a higher holding capacity than traditional Toronto vending solutions, there is more variety available to your employees. A major benefit of this service is the mobile payment options available. Canteen Canada’s connect & pay app is accessed via your cellphone or desktop and allows you to checkout without using the kiosk. This makes for even more efficient break times!

Toronto office coffee service and vending machines

Professional Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Solutions for your Toronto Break Room

Make your Toronto break room complete with a top-rated office coffee service. Canteen Canada offers the latest coffee brewing technology that will “wow” every employee. We carry all the major brands and flavors of coffee and teas, so everyone has something they like within the program. Engage and excite your office with our Toronto office coffee services. No matter your office size, we have a coffee brewer for you. Check out our Bean to cup brewers, single cup brewing solutions, and our traditional batch brewing options. Let’s work together to fit your Toronto break room with the best possible solution.

Don’t forget about our Toronto water filtration solutions! With this service, we can equip your office with a water dispenser that features hot, cold, and room temperature options. Our water filtration equipment come in stand-alone or countertop models, so they can fit any space. When your employees are thirsty, or in need of their afternoon cup of tea, they’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re just a push of a button away from a refreshing beverage!

Toronto office snack vending machines and pantry service

Customize Your Toronto Office Snacks Pantry Service with Canteen Canada

There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve set your Toronto employee’s up for a productive day. What if we told you that offering free food and drink items can increase your productivity levels and employee satisfaction rates at the same time? Well, our Toronto office snacks pantry service can assist you with this! With our office snacks service, we manage your Toronto break room by keeping it stocked with the products you choose. Not only is this service completely customized to your preferences, but it is also managed by a Canteen Canada team member and billed monthly for your convenience. Boost your office morale and workplace culture by reaching out about our Toronto pantry solutions today!

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