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Easy and secure self-checkout kiosk options for your break room

Latest micro-market technology:

Secured Payment Methods

Credit and debit card information is fully encrypted to ensure no unlawful capturing of financial data.

Self-Locking Fridges

Cooler and freezers automatically lock and notify our team if temperature thresholds are passed.

Camera System

Digital video of the micro-market is taken 24 hours a day to ensure food safety and catch issues.

Web Base Inventory

We utilize an online, remote monitoring function so we always know the status of your micro-market.

User Friendly Experience

Intuitive kiosk interface using a touchscreen and scanner makes it easy to purchase your items.

Secured Kiosks

Fully enclosed, the micro-market kiosk has no open ports or other access points for data theft.

It's Easy to Get Started

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Let us know you're ready to
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We’ll meet with you to review your service needs, space requirements,
and develop a plan for you.

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We’ll agree on what happens
next and when.