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Innovative Technology That Delivers A Better Vending Service Experience

We Invest In New Equipment And Technology To Stay On The Cutting Edge Of What We Do.

There have been many technological advancements in vending. Canteen Canada has looked at them all and invested in the ones that provide better efficiencies in our operations and better service to our customers. We use wireless technology to remotely monitor vending machines, restocking them only when needed and with only the necessary items. This saves carbon emissions, gas, and costly unnecessary trips. We also customize vending machines with cashless payment acceptance to accommodate how your employees or guests would like to pay for refreshment.

canteen's new vending machine

Technology To Meet Today's Business Demands

Canteen Canada makes use of the most modern tools and techniques to run a successful and customer focused vending business.

Wireless Technology

We remotely monitor our vending machines placed across Canada.

Credit Card Readers

Enjoy the convenience of paying with credit or debit card at your local vending machine.

Mobile Payments

Purchase an item with your smartphone using a mobile wallet, such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

Custom Fronts

Upgrade your vending machine designs to match the corporate decor in your break room.

Light Speed Technology

Integrated technology in the warehouse reduces human error when packing products for your location.

LED Lighting

Brighter while also using less energy, Canteen Canada has made a commitment to using LED bulbs.

Mobile Vending App

Using our vending machine specific QR codes, users can contact us directly with issues and requests.

Energy Star

Each state-of-the-art vending machine we place meets or exceeds the requirements of Energy Star.


In the warehouse, we execute sustainable practices, such as recycling all our cardboard.

Mobile Vending App

We want your employees and customers to have peace of mind. That is why Canteen Canada has created a Mobile Vending App, which allows vending machine users to contact us directly. Each vending machine includes a unique QR code that once scanned, directs customers to a page where they can report an issue, request a refund or ask for new products.

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