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Office coffee in Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon

Coffee Service Essentials

From eco-friendly coffee supplies to single-serve creamers, consider us your break room’s one-stop-shop for everything office coffee!

Large variety of coffee & tea blends

Creamers, sugars, cups, lids, & more

Cleaning supplies, cutlery, plates, etc.

Not All Coffee Is Created Equal

As the demand for sustainable coffee solutions continues to rise, our commitment to
provide ethically and responsibly sourced products has grown with it.


Mogiana Coffee

As a diverse coffee supplier, Mogiana Coffee is reaching a whole new generation of coffee enthusiasts who expect more. They are doing so with a commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and a thoughtful approach to social responsibility.

Café William

This local Quebec roaster focuses on the production of organic and fair trade coffees. Café William is one of the most important importers of Fairtrade coffee in Canada.


Kaapittiaq means ‘good coffee’ in Inuinnaqtun, and that is what they make. This diverse coffee supplier creates an Indigenous-to-Indigenous business network that connects communities across the globe to support their economic and cultural renewal.

Spilling Some
Tea-riffic Perks

Watch your employee satisfaction rates soar by adding a high-quality tea service to your break room line-up.

After upgrading their refreshment services, many companies have seen an increase in office morale and productivity levels.

Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon office coffee products

But First… Cold Brew

Offering Segafredo cold brew coffee in the break room can help you attract and retain quality employees.

Additionally, it will keep your team feeling fueled, focused, and productive all day long.

Everything You Need To Craft Your Perfect Cup

Keep Your Team Properly Caffeinated With Premium Office Coffee Products – Canteen Canada At 866.292.8363.

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