Food vending machines in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver


Salty Bites

We offer a variety of Kosher Certified savory snack selections that we can add to any of our break room services.


Something Sweet

Give your employees the ability to indulge their tastebuds with their favorite Kosher Certified candy bars in the office.


On The Lighter Side

With a customize product menu, we can incorporate better-for-you selections into your service that are Certified Kosher.

Kosher certified snacks in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver

Mindful Hydration

Take your refreshment services to the next level with
a Bevi water cooler. You can add this premium water service
experience into any of our break room solutions.

Employees will be able to craft their ideal cup of sparkling or still
water with a variety of Kosher Certified flavors.

Kosher Snacking Has Many Perks

Promote positive lifestyle choices by stocking a variety of healthy options including Kosher Certified selections in the office.

Can reduce cholesterol levels

Improves digestion

Produced with high-quality standards

Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver kosher certified snacks
Kosher snack selections in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver
Kosher snack choices in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver

Inspire And Motivate Your Workforce With
Premium Refreshment Services Today!

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