Food vending machines in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver

Vending Machines That Support A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy vending machines in Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon

Enhance Your Company’s Corporate Wellness Initiatives

As Canada’s largest refreshment service provider, we have the resources to create your ideal healthy vending program.

We will work with your wellness committee to create a custom break room solution that your employees will love!

Empower Your Workforce
With Quality Ingredients

Boost your workplace culture and employee satisfaction by adding nutrient-dense products to your break room food vending machines.

Happier employees

Less sick days used

Higher energy & focus

Reduced stress & burnout

Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon healthy vending machines
Healthy vending options in Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon
Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatoon healthy ending machines

To Health, Wellness, & Beyond!

Compliment your healthy vending service with one of our innovative break room solutions!

Bevi water

Bevi Water Cooler

Office snacks

Free Snacks & Beverages


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Coffee & tea

Contactless Coffee Service

Freshen Up Your Break Room with A Healthy Vending Service from Canteen Canada – 866.292.8363.

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