Food vending machines in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver

Snack vending machines in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver
Sweet Treats
We offer a large product selection that will hit the spot when you want something sweet!

Snack vending options in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver break rooms
Salty Snacks
We stock our vending machines with staple salty snacks that will satisfy any craving!

Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver snack vending machines
Health Driven
We stay up to date on popular snack selections that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Quick, Quality & Reliable

Mobile payment options will have you snacking in no time.

Our large variety of popular items will increase employee satisfaction.

A dedicated merchandiser assigned to your location for consistent communication and service levels.

Snacking Made Easy

Canteen Canada is the largest vending service provider across the nation. This gives us access to top name brands in the world of snacking. Here is a small sample of what we can bring to your break room snack vending machines.

Take Your Snacking to The Next Level with Our Snack Vending Machine Solutions – Canteen Canada at 866.292.8363.

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