Food vending machines in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver

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Payment Versatility
Our Avenue C Express program offers multiple payment options including our Connect & Pay
mobile app.

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Ideal For Smaller Spaces
No matter the size of your office, this service brings premium refreshments for your team to
enjoy 24/7.

State-of-the-art equipment icon
State-of-the-art Equipment
Our PICO Cooler’s feature an interactive touchscreen and an automatic locking feature to ensure optimum product temperature.

An Avenue C Express Market Brings More Variety To Your Break Room

In addition to its sleek design, this service can offer more selections than a traditional vending machine.

With a customized product menu, your team can get everything they need to satisfy any craving.

Get More Out Of Your Break Room Services

Entice employees back into the break room with our innovative refreshment service solutions

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Fresh Food

Having a smaller break room doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have quality fresh food selections!

Refreshing beverages icon

Refreshing Beverages

From popular local and national brands, we will stock your cooler with drinks your employees will love.

Snack selection icons

Snack Selections

From open shelving to our advanced cooler racking system, our Avenue C Express has it all!

Never go hungry icon

Never Go Hungry

Our micro-markets are monitored and secure so you can snack and sip at anytime!

Healthy product solutions

Healthy Product Solutions

Strengthen your corporate wellness program by adding better-for-you products in your micro-market!

Holding capacity icon

More Holding Capacity

Our PICO coolers can hold 150+ food or beverage items. Plus, our snack rack options add even more selections to the mix!

Get Connected Today!

Download our Connect & Pay mobile app for a fast and easy check out experience!

Reliable & Secure

Touchless Payment Options

Each Transaction Is Logged In The App

After Checkout, Your Account Will Auto Populate Your New Balance

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