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Water Filtration Service in Toronto, Ontario

Well Hydrated Employees Focus Better And Can Achieve More Opt For Delicious Workplace Water To Empower The Mind And Body

The 5 gallon water cooler may be a thing of the past, but its value is not. Drinking water is a healthy way to stay hydrated and keep the mind and body sharp to achieve success at work. Bring delicious water service solutions to your Toronto, Ontario workplace to reap these productivity benefits.

Our water filtration systems are available as floor-standing or countertop solutions. They attach directly to the water line eliminating the hassle of lifting, storing, and changing large water bottles. Each system offers both hot and cold water instantly, filtered to eliminate bad taste.

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Elevate Your Break Room

Offering A Water Filtration System From Canteen Canada In Your Toronto, Ontario Business Will Help Keep Employees Healthy And Productive with Clear, Refreshing Water.

Bottle Less Units

Our systems do away with the need to transport, store, and lift heavy water bottles.

One Stop Shop

Keep break room optimization simple — opt for an all-in-one provider.

Countertop Models

Free up space by moving the cooler to the break room counter insead.

Hot & Cold Water

All water filtration units come with the ability to offer both hot and cold water.

Floor Standing Models

Save counter space with a full-size water filtration unit that sits on floor.

Great Tasting Water

Filters remove impurities leaving only refreshing, clean tasting water.

Single Serve Water Options That Save You Money

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Need water for a meeting, company picnic, or other corporate event? We can deliver water in single serve bottles at a bulk rate. Save money and get convenient delivery by ordering from Canteen Canada where are mission is to serve you.

Optimize your break room offerings with the healthiest beverage choice today — filtered water service from Canteen Canada at (866)-292-8363 or email:

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