Calgary Businesses are Buzzing on Sustainable Coffee Services

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Calgary Businesses are Buzzing on Sustainable Coffee Services

Recently, the coffee industry has embraced the trend of sustainable coffee solutions. How? With companies prioritizing Fairtrade and organically sourced beans. So, why is this important? Keep reading to find out! Below, we’re breaking down ethically sourced coffee’s positive impact on the environment and community. Trust us; you don’t want to miss this!

Calgary Office Coffee Service | Single Cup Coffee Service | Sustainable Coffee | Coffee Supplier in CalgaryWhy does Sustainable Coffee Matter?

I think it’s fair to say that most people understand the positive impact living sustainably has on the planet. However, there is another major benefit that many of us don’t know… Fairtrade and organic coffee allow farmers to improve their personal and community living conditions. Without these coffee-producing communities, there would be no coffee… And no one wants that! Therefore, buying coffee that is Fairtrade certified ensures workers are fairly paid. Ultimately, it supports their community and enables them to continue to produce everyone’s favorite morning beverage.

At Canteen Canada, we strive to deliver efficient, sustainable, and ethically responsible refreshment solutions. So, how do we do so? By partnering with companies that share our same values, that’s how!

Here are a few Canadian-based coffee roasters we’ve aligned ourselves with:

  • Café William From production to transportation, Café William is rethinking the future of coffee. Recently, they announced their investment in the first zero-emission sailing cargo ship. We proudly carry Café William products for every customer to enjoy in their Calgary office coffee service.
  • Kaapittiaq Did you know that Kaapittiaq means ‘good coffee’ in Inuinnaqtun? Yes, it’s true! This Inuit-owned and operated business, sources beans from Indigenous farmers around the world. By doing so, they are dedicated to supporting the survival of the Inuit culture. So, consider adding one of the Arctic’s finest brews to your Calgary refreshment services.
  • Mogiana Coffee – Sustainability is at the heart of everything Mogiana Coffee does. In addition to the environmental elements of producing coffee, their values extend to the people and community that make it all possible. Therefore, adding this delicious coffee to your Calgary break room lineup has many benefits. For instance, it will help the planet and your business’s carbon footprint. That’s a win-win for everyone!


If you want to go one step further in crafting a sustainable Calgary coffee service, we can help! From recycled cups to wooden stir sticks, we can equip your break room with all the essentials!

Eco-Friendly Calgary Break Room Solutions

Are you looking for more ways to boost your Calgary business’s sustainability efforts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! From traditional vending machines to an Avenue C micro-market, we offer the latest and greatest in break room technology. To learn more about our innovative solutions, visit Canteen Canada or call 866-292-8363 today. We can’t wait to craft your break room’s perfect fit!

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