Healthy Ways to Prep Your Regina Break Room for Summer

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Healthy Ways to Prep Your Regina Break Room for Summer

As the temperatures rise, it’s important to keep your Regina break room stocked with healthy products to keep your employees energized and focused. A healthy break room is essential for promoting employee wellness in the workplace. By investing in refreshment solutions that employees love, you can create a space that supports their well-being and productivity. Doing so is a win-win for everyone!

From premium water coolers to fresh foods in your Regina vending machines and micro-market, Canteen Canada has got you covered! We will work with you to customize your break room to fit your specific needs.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to prep your Regina break room with healthy and hydrating options for summer.

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Upgrade your Regina office water cooler

It’s true, every office needs a water cooler! After all, staying hydrated is key to staying healthy, especially during the sunny summer months. Therefore, providing your employees easy access to clean, filtered water is essential. In addition, investing in a water filtration system is a great way to encourage your employees to drink more water and feel their best.

At Canteen Canada, we offer a Bevi water cooler, which goes above and beyond your average water service. From still and sparkling water to tasty flavored options, Bevi offers your team a completely customized hydration experience.

Better-for-you vending solutions for your Regina break room

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Better-for-you products continue to rule the roost: say hello to a new way of snacking! With the rise of healthy vending selections, you can now offer your employees snacks and drinks that are tasty and nutritious. Look for vending solutions that offer more product variety, such as fresh salads, protein-rich snacks, and sports drinks with electrolytes.

Transform your space with a micro-market service

If you’re looking for more variety and convenience for your staff, consider our Avenue C micro-market service for your Regina break room. These self-serve markets offer a wide range of healthy snacks, fresh foods, and beverages, including fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies!

Micro-markets also allow employees to customize their meals to fit their dietary needs. As Canada’s largest refreshment service provider, we can stock your break room with national brands, local products, and specialty items. We carry everything from keto-friendly and gluten-free snacks to kosher-certified products. Plus, micro-markets are open 24/7, so employees can browse and shop as they please.

Consider us your trusted Regina healthy break room service provider! 

When you partner with us, we will ensure your break room is always stocked with delicious and nutritious products. We provide a variety of healthy products and tasty treats. We will work with you  to customize a menu that fits your preferences and budget. We’re here to serve your Regina break room needs, so you don’t have to!

Contact Canteen Canada at 866.292.8363 to give your team a superior refreshment service experience. For more information about our micro-markets, coffee and tea service, office snacks pantry service, or vending machines, visit us online. We look forward to supporting your team!

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