Vending machines and self-serve micro-markets in Banff

Reliable Vending Machine Services Throughout Banff

Every employee looks forward to their afternoon lunch breaks. Our Banff vending machine service is the best way to ensure a satisfied experience. As the leading vending service provider in Canada, we ensure your vending machines are always stocked, clean, and in working order. With our selection of modern Banff vending equipment and popular brand name products, your employees will never go hungry again. Want to craft a healthy vending service to support your company’s wellness initiatives? No problem! We can stock your Banff snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and food vending machines with better-for-you options.

Additionally, our Banff refreshment services also include state-of-the-art technology that will elevate your experience. Our vending machines are energy efficient with LED lighting, offer mobile payment options, and allow for online inventory monitoring. Get the most out of your Banff break room services by partnering with us!

Banff self-serve micro-markets

Rock Star Banff Avenue C

None of our Banff Avenue C micro-markets are the same. This is because each of our customer’s micro-market service is custom designed to their specific space. Our typical Banff micro-market is made up of glass front coolers, attractive racking, and a self-checkout kiosk. With this set up, your employees can shop, pay, and spend more time enjoying their break. No more waiting in long lines or having to make multiple purchases. Yep, you can purchase all your items at once and choose from multiple payment options. With our smart inventory technology, we can track top selling and slow-moving items. That way, we can stock the products you want in your Banff micro-market.

Banff office coffee and water filtration services

Dependable Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Solutions for Your Banff Break Room

Having a reliable source for coffee is essential to every Banff employee. That’s why you need to partner with a refreshment service provider who understands the importance of dependable coffee brewing equipment. Canteen Canada offers a variety of quality brewing equipment for our customers to choose from. If your employees like specialty coffee drinks like lattes and espresso, our Banff bean-to-cup coffee solutions are what you’re looking for. Or if you need an option for more customized options, our Banff single cup coffee services can handle the job. Finally, our traditional office coffee batch brewers are great for offices that have heavy coffee consumers. In addition to your equipment needs, your coffee and tea product selections are just as important. We can stock your Banff break room with the products your employees will love and the essentials they need to craft the perfect cup!

Keep your employees feeling refreshed with our Banff water filtration services. This service removes unwanted debris from your water supply and improves its overall quality and taste. Not sure if you have enough space for a water dispenser in your Banff break room? No worries. We offer both stand alone and countertop models so no one will go without fresh water. Both options provide hot, cold, and ambient temperature options that can also be used to craft a great cup of tea!

Banff office snack vending machines and pantry services

Banff Needs Our Premium Office Snacks Pantry Services

What to step up your break room services? If so, consider our Banff office snacks pantry service. The set-up is like our Banff Avenue C micro-markets, but include many bulk product items – like nuts, candies, fresh fruits, cereal, and more. These items are placed in dispensers or on shelves and are free for your employees to enjoy. Many Banff pantry programs also include free beverage options, including coffee stations. Not only is this a major employee perk, but it can also improve your workplace culture! You will have a dedicated Canteen team member to help establish your budget, product menu, and service schedule. At the end of each month, we’ll simply send you an invoice for the items consumed.

Build a Better Break Room Experience with our Banff Refreshment Solutions – Canteen Canada at 866.292.8363 or [email protected]

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