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Canteen Canada supports Gatineau businesses with premium vending machine services. We work with you to build a refreshment service that’ll best fit your needs. We offer modern vending machine equipment, popular local and national product selections, and top-tier customer service to accommodate your Gatineau break room. From food vending, beverage vending, snack vending, and healthy vending solutions – we have it all! Our Gatineau vending machines are always left stocked, clean, and in working condition when servicing your account. Are you ready to find your break rooms perfect fit? If so, reach out today to get started!

Gatineau self-serve micro-markets and healthy vending machines

Gatineau’s Avenue C

Experience a new level of convenience with our Gatineau Avenue C micro-market service. This exceptional break room solution consists of glass-front coolers, open shelving, a self-checkout kiosk, and modern displays. Your staff will feel like they’ve left the building every time they visit their Gatineau break room. In addition to its state-of-the-art equipment, a micro-market offers more variety than traditional vending machines. Employee’s will be able to shop in their Gatineau open market for a refreshing drink, tasty snack and satisfying food item with ease. Once they finish shopping, they can make one transaction using the user-friendly kiosk. Another benefit to this service, is that it is remotely monitored and secure so your employees can utilize it 24/7. Score!

Kelowna office coffee and water filtration service

Quality Gatineau Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Services

Reward your team for their hard work by upgrading your Gatineau traditional office coffee service with us! What can we bring to the table? In addition to our Gatineau single-cup coffee services, we offer a wide selection of local and national coffee and tea options. Not to mention our top-tier customer service. Looking for a more customized coffee drinking experience? Our bean-to-cup coffee brewers are what you’re looking for! With little to no-touch brewing options, your employees can craft a specialty cup in seconds. As a full-service provider, we can take your Gatineau coffee service to the next level. After install, we will restock and maintain your coffee station at every service. This includes bringing fresh coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, cups, lids, and any supplies your break room needs. Talk about five-star service!

If you want to go the extra mile for your employees, consider our Gatineau water filtration services. We carry a variety of equipment that can fit any space. You can choose from our plumbed-in solutions, standing water dispensers, and countertop models. Our Gatineau water solutions can elevate your employee’s hydration and productivity at the same time. Plus, it’s a perfect way to reduce waste from plastic water bottles and strengthen your sustainability initiatives!

Gatineau office snack vending and pantry services

Office Snacks Pantry Service for Gatineau Businesses

The newest addition to our refreshment services is our Gatineau office snacks pantry service. This is an excellent program to show your employees you care. Our Gatineau pantry service consists of open racking, bulk dispensers, and glass-front coolers. Your team will be able to visit the break room and choose from a selection of snack and drink items to enjoy for free. Best of all, this program is completely customized to your company’s preferences. You’ll receive a dedicated account manager who will work with you to establish a monthly budget, a personalized product menu, and servicing schedule. At the end of each month, we will send an invoice for the service for even more convenience. Are you ready to bring the best to your Gatineau break room? We’re standing by to help!

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