Vending machines and office pantry services in Hamilton

Modern Vending Machine Solutions Throughout Hamilton

Canteen Canada has a wide array of modern vending equipment for our Hamilton customers. We offer snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and food vending machines for your break room. If you’re looking for a healthy vending service that supports your corporate wellness initiatives, we can work together to make it happen. Our expert vending staff will stock your Hamilton vending machines with healthy name brand products for your team to enjoy!

Additionally, our vending machines are equipped to accept multiple payment options. These include, cash, tap enabled credit/debit cards, apple pay, google pay, and our connect & pay app. Make sure your employees always have the best experience by partnering with us for your Hamilton vending machine solutions!

Hamilton self-serve micro-markets and office coffee

A Hamilton Avenue C Micro-Market Will Revolutionize Your Break
Room Experience

Our Hamilton Avenue C micro-markets are the latest trend in break room solutions. This program involves installing a mini convenience store right within your break room. With open shelving, glass front coolers, modern displays, and an advanced touch-screen kiosk, you’ll feel like you’ve left the office when you step in. Another attractive feature of our Hamilton micro-markets is the built-in remote inventory monitoring. This state-of-the-art technology gives us real time updates on purchases and allows us to fully restock your market at very service. Once installed, your employees will be able to visit the market, grab their item(s) and pay at the self-checkout kiosk. This service is securely monitored, so the store remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not sure if you have enough space? Our Hamilton Avenue C Express Service is perfect for smaller break rooms. Give your employees the best experience with our revolutionary Hamilton Avenue C program today.

Hamilton office coffee service and water filtration

Hamilton’s Leading Provider in Water and Office Coffee Services

Offer refreshing beverages to your employees with our Hamilton water filtration services. We provide premium water service equipment that have hot, cold, and ambient options. This service eliminates any impurities in your water supply and dispenses fresh and clean water straight into your cup. Our water filtration units are plumbed in so there is no need to transport, store, or change out those heavy water jugs. Additionally, we carry both standing and countertop models so they can fit in any Hamilton break room.

Imagine a coffee station in your Hamilton office that includes a single-cup coffee brewer, premium coffee selections, and the supplies you need to make it just how you like it. Now, what if we told you we can make it a reality with our Hamilton office coffee services? Yep, that’s right! From bean-to-cup, single cup, and traditional office coffee solutions, we can upgrade your coffee station in a heartbeat. As a full-service provider, we can install, stock, and maintain your Hamilton coffee service station at every service. Make coffee and teatime easier by upgrading your services with us today!

Hamilton office snack vending and pantry service

Hamilton’s Source for the Best Office Snacks Pantry Services

Want to set your company apart from the rest? Your Hamilton refreshment services just might be the deciding factor for future employee prospects. How? With our Hamilton office snacks pantry service, you can offer those prospects what many other employers can’t – free food and drinks. This service transforms your Hamilton break room into a pantry for your team to enjoy every day. With popular snacks and drink options, they’ll always be able to find something to satisfy. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to establish a monthly budget and tailored product menu. Even better, this service is billed monthly for everyone’s convenience. Excite prospects and increase office morale with our Hamilton pantry services!

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