Vending machines and office coffee in London

Break Room Enhancing Vending Machine Services in London

Unlike most London refreshment service providers, Canteen Canada provides the best possible vending machine solutions. With our state-of-the-art vending equipment, smart inventory technology, high-quality product selections, and premium customer service, our level of service is unmatched. We treat every London break room as our most important customer. This means, at each service we make sure our vending machines are fully stocked, clean, and in working condition. Want to learn more? Explore our variety of London snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, fresh food vending machines, and coffee vending machines today!

London self-serve micro-markets and pantry service

London’s Most Trusted Avenue C Micro-Market Provider

Convert your London break room into a mini convenience store with our Avenue C micro-market. What does this entail exactly? It’s simple! Our London micro-market service transforms your break room space into an open market that is open 27/4. With this service, we would custom design a market with open shelving, glass-front coolers, and self-checkout kiosk. Your London employees will love being able to shop for a snack, drink, and fresh food item all at the same time. Once they are happy with their choice of high-quality products, they can simply check out at our modern kiosk with one easy purchase. Make your company stand out by upgrading your London refreshment services with an Avenue C micro-market today!

London office coffee service and water filtration

Game Changing London Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems

Impress employees by installing an office coffee service right in your London break room. What does a game changing London office coffee service entail? Easy, it pairs our advanced coffee brewing solutions with gourmet coffee and tea products for your employees to enjoy daily. Unsure of where to start? Canteen Canada can help you with that! Explore our variety of advanced brewing equipment options. From bean-to-cup, single-cup, and traditional batch brewers, we can match any level of coffee drinking needs. In addition, we can work together to find the perfect coffee products to stock in your London break room. As a full-service provider, we can install, stock, and maintain your office coffee station. That way you can focus on your daily tasks and leave the coffee to us!

Tired of subpar tasting coffee? Our London water filtration systems can help! Instantly change the taste of your coffee when you opt for our water filtration service. The main ingredient of coffee is water, so making sure it’s clean of any debris and impurities is a big deal! Does your business not have a coffee and tea service? Check out our London water dispenser options. With standing and counter-top models available, your employees can have hot or cold water with the simple press of a button!

London office snack vending and pantry service

London – Get Your Office Snacks Pantry Services Here!

Properly fueling your body throughout the day is essential to maintaining focus and energy levels. Need help with this? Insert our London office snacks pantry service! By giving your employees free snacks and drinks right in the break room, you’re making sure they have the nutrients they need to stay productive. Stock your London office pantry with products that fit within your budget and set your employees up for a successful workday. We can work together to set your product menu for maximum satisfaction. Our London pantry service is invoiced monthly for your convenience and maintained by a dedicated account manager. Partner with us for your London refreshment services and watch your office morale soar!

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