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Bring more variety to your break room with our premier Vancouver vending service. We stock popular local and national products while suppling the most advanced vending machine equipment to every customer. Your Vancouver vending machines will be equipped with multiple payment options, including mobile payments like apple pay, google pay, and tap debit/credit options. Additionally, our inventory is remotely monitored. Therefore, we know exactly what to bring before leaving the warehouse. That way, your vending machines will always be left full, clean and in working order after every service. Choose your Vancouver break room’s perfect fit from our variety of vending equipment. From beverage vending, snack vending, food vending, and healthy vending solutions – we have everything your Vancouver refreshment service needs and deserves!

Vancouver self-serve micro-markets

Modern Avenue C Micro-Market Services Throughout Vancouver

Canteen Canada’s Vancouver Avenue C micro-markets are a new and exciting way to bring break time to your team! This advanced refreshment service resembles a mini convenience store, with its open market design and self-checkout kiosk. When you choose our Vancouver micro-market service, it will be equipped with glass-front coolers filled with popular beverages and delicious fresh food selections. Additionally, it will have modern racking for your team to browse a wide variety of snack options like chips, ready meals, granola bars, candy, and so much more. Even better, after your employees finish shopping, they can purchase all their items at the user-friendly kiosk. One benefit our customers enjoy about this service is the ability to bring their team together during break time. Instead of going off-campus for lunch, your team can enjoy their meals and build connections right in their break room. Not sure if your office has the space for a micro-market? No problem, check out our Vancouver Avenue C Express
solutions today!

Vancouver office coffee service

The Best Vancouver Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Solutions

Sipping fresh coffee or tea to refuel through the workday is common for many Canadians. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality Vancouver coffee service. If your team likes a variety of roasts and blends, our single-cup coffee service is a great fit. With this service, your team can brew a cup of coffee or tea and customize it to their specific taste buds. Or, if you’re looking for a way to craft specialty drinks in the office, our Vancouver bean-to-cup coffee brewers are what you’re looking for. With the touch of a button, they will grind fresh coffee beans into a piping hot cup of joe in the matter of minutes. Another option to consider is our Vancouver traditional office coffee solutions. This is an ideal service for offices that consume a large volume of coffee throughout the day. Plus, we can stock sugars and flavored creamers for your team to personalize their cup. As a full-service provider, we can take your Vancouver office coffee service to the next level!

What is the main ingredient of a quality cup of coffee or tea? Water, of course! Enhance your coffee service with our plumbed-in Vancouver water filtration solutions. Your employees will thank you for it! Another way to upgrade your break room is with a water dispenser. With our Vancouver water service, we can install a standing or countertop dispenser for your staff to enjoy all day long. With cold, hot, and ambient options, your staff can drink fresh water at any time. Plus, water filtration pairs perfectly with any of our Vancouver refreshment service solutions!

Gatineau office snacks and pantry service

“Wow” Employees With Our Vancouver Office Snacks

Imagine being able to walk to your Vancouver break room to find an array of snacks and drinks available to enjoy for free. This sounds like a dream come true to many employees; However, with our Vancouver office snacks pantry service, that’s exactly what your team would experience. Your office pantry service will be maintained by an account manager that works directly with you to establish a monthly budget, customized product menu, and servicing schedule. Your Vancouver pantry will have shelving, bulk dispensers, and glass-front coolers filled with products your staff can indulge in for free. Additionally, we will send an invoice once a month based on consumption. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to “wow” your Vancouver workforce, connect with us to learn more about our office snacks service!

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