Vending machines and pantry service in Windsor

Bringing Advanced Vending Machine Solutions Throughout Windsor

Food vending machines, snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and healthy vending solutions – we have everything your Windsor break room needs! Canteen Canada is committed to bringing break time to everyone by supplying the best equipment, products, and customer service to every customer. Our Windsor vending service includes modern refreshment technology that offers mobile payment options, remotely monitored inventory, and energy efficient equipment. In addition, we carry the most sought after local and national brands. Therefore, your break room is always stocked with your teams’ favorites. After each service, your vending machines are left clean, full, and in working condition. So, give your Windsor employees the best refreshment service experience by partnering with us!

Windsor self-serve micro-markets and office coffee

Customized Avenue C Micro-Market’s – Ideal for Every Windsor Facility

A spin on traditional vending is our Windsor Avenue C micro-market! This program is often compared to a mini convenience store. With a completely customized layout, you’ll have shelving, glass-front coolers, a self-checkout kiosk, and sleek displays right down the hall. In addition to its design, your Windsor micro-market is stocked with everything you’d find in a vending machine and more! This includes a variety of grab-and go snacks, beverages, and fresh food items. This is a perfect solution for every Windsor company, especially those with multiple shifts. Since our markets are remotely monitored, your team can shop, sip, and save 24/7. What’s more, you can customize your service with your corporate wellness program in mind. We can work together to bring better-for-you options to the break room for everyone to enjoy!

Windsor office coffee service and water filtration

Experts in Windsor Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Solutions

Instantly boost morale by incorporating one of our premium Windsor coffee service solutions in your office. Choose from our bean-to-cup brewers, single-cup coffee service, and traditional office coffee solutions. We can find the right equipment to match any volume of coffee your team consumes. After selecting your perfect brewer, we will craft a custom product menu. What we offer your Windsor coffee service satiation doesn’t stop at the coffee itself. It also includes items like tea, creamer, sugar, cups, lids, and more. As a full-service provider, we will make sure your Windsor break room is always stocked and ready to energize!

Whatever your break room needs, we can supply it! Another service we offer our Windsor locations is a water filtration service. This can include our plumbed-in services or a water dispenser with several temperature options. We can install a standing water cooler or countertop model to save space if needed. Our Windsor water service can elevate your coffee drinking experience and help hydrate your team at the same time.

Windsor office snacks and pantry service

Office Snacks Pantry Services
in Windsor

Impress employee prospects and increase employee retention with our Windsor office snacks pantry service. In contrast to vending machines and a micro-market, this service allows employees to enjoy free snacks and beverages. Your Windsor pantry will consist of racks, bulk dispensers, and displays filled with products of your choosing. A dedicated customer service manager will work with you directly to create a monthly budget, product menu, and servicing schedule. Finally, we will send an invoice at the end of each month for products consumed. Looking for an easy way to show your team appreciation? Our office pantry service is the perfect way to give your Windsor break room the boost you need to do so!

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