Single-Cup Coffee vs. Traditional Office Coffee Services in Calgary

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Single-Cup Coffee vs. Traditional Office Coffee Services in Calgary

If you’re ready to upgrade your workplace benefits, we recommend starting with your Calgary coffee service. After all, Canadians consume more coffee than tap water… So, you might want to consider adding it to your break room.

As Calgary’s go-to coffee supplier, we offer a variety of coffee equipment and product selections. Two of our solutions include single-cup and traditional office coffee. But what’s the difference? And which one is right for your business? If you’re not sure, we can help! Keep reading for everything you need to know.

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If you have a smaller team, consider our Calgary single-cup coffee program. This option is best for smaller offices that have less demand but want more variety. Employees love these brewers because they can personalize each cup. For example, they can choose from various blends, flavors, specialty drinks like lattes or cappuccinos, and more. Non-coffee drinkers can brew a fresh cup of hot chocolate or tea! 

This doesn’t mean large companies can’t enjoy the perks of a single-cup brewer. They can be an excellent addition to any reception area or conference room. Having free coffee creates an inviting environment for customers or visitors.

Traditional Office CoffeeTraditional Office Coffee Calgary | Office Coffee Service | Coffee Equipment

Think of your classic coffee machine serving several cups of coffee at once. This coffee service is ideal for large offices with high coffee consumption rates. Additionally, our traditional Calgary coffee service can help employees re-energize faster while producing less waste. Yep, this means you can increase productivity and become more sustainable at the same time!

As a full-service provider, we can supply your office with everything you need to customize your cup. For instance, we carry flavored creamers, sweeteners, cups, lids, and more. When you partner with us, we will work with you to craft a coffee product menu your team will love!

Enhance the Quality & Taste with Water Filtration

Take your Calgary refreshment service a step further with a water filtration service. Doing so will give your team clean water and improve the taste of your coffee and tea. Not to mention, it keeps employees hydrated and feeling their best. And when employees feel good, they perform even better! So reach out today and explore our catalog of water service equipment!

It’s Time to Upgrade your Calgary Coffee Service!

Your coffee brewing equipment can make or break the level of satisfaction with your service. Our reputation is built on dependable break room solutions customized to your company’s needs. Visit us at Canteen Canada or call 866.292.8363 for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, pantry service, or vending services. We look forward to supporting your team!

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