Office coffee service essentials for every London break room

Office coffee service essentials for every London break room

An office coffee service is the heart of every great London break room. After all, it’s where employees start each morning and return to when they need a boost throughout the busy day. So, it might be time to give your coffee service an upgrade, and we can help! Canteen Canada will work with you to create a customized office coffee service that fits your needs and budget. We have everything from coffee supplies to gourmet coffee and tea options and other coffee products. Now those are some workplace perks that employees can get behind!

We can help you turn your London coffee station into a café-like experience your team will surely appreciate. And guess what? Employee appreciation has been shown to boost office morale and increase productivity. When employees feel valued, they perform to the best of their abilities!

So, are you ready to enhance your office coffee service? Here are the coffee products you need in your break room.

Offer a variety of coffee & tea blends

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Employees don’t want to drink the same old cup of coffee daily. Instead, give them a variety of coffee blends to choose from. Not sure where to start? Not to worry! We make finding the right roast easy. With a wide range of blends, roasts, and flavors, you can create a custom coffee service menu that everyone will love. We offer high-quality roast options, including light, medium, dark, french, and blonde, to name a few. It’s also essential to provide various tea options for those non-coffee drinkers. From green tea to chamomile, the possibilities are endless!

Coffee service basics

Sometimes, going back to the basics is the best place to start. As a full-service provider, we can stock your break room with everything you need. We provide cups, lids, stir sticks, coffee sleeves, and more. We also offer other break room supplies like plates, cutlery, napkins, and cleaning solutions. Additionally, consider choosing from our eco-friendly product solutions. So you can create a London break room that’s good for employees and the planet!

Go above & beyond with office coffee

When it comes down to it, employees that feel valued daily will work hard and be excited to contribute. Therefore, you should go above and beyond for your team with delicious and fun coffee service add-ons. Again, it’s the small details that go a long way! Provide your team with creamers, sugars, flavored syrups, tea blends, hot chocolate, iced coffee, and more to show them how much you care. Trust us, they’re going to love it! 

Support employees with the best London office coffee service!

As a full-service provider, we can help give your team the best coffee products and services they deserve! Contact Canteen Canada at [email protected] for more information about our micro-market, coffee service, office snacks program, or vending services. We look forward to supporting your team!

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