This Year’s Most Popular Montreal Break Room Snacks!

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This Year’s Most Popular Montreal Break Room Snacks!

As this year comes to a close, we think it would be fun to uncover the most popular snack items in your Montreal break room. As Canada’s largest national vending service provider, this information is extremely important to us. Why? Because we want to make sure our customers have access to their favorite snacks when hunger strikes. Therefore, we make sure to note the top selling items and stock them in your Montreal snack vending machines.

Ready to find out what snacks your employees want to see in their Montreal break room? Below we’re breaking down 4 of this year’s top selling candy and snack products!

“Treat” Yourself with This Year’s Most Popular Candy Bars

#1 Candy Bar

Sure, everyone has their own favorite candy bar to snack on. However, looking back on this past year’s data, there is a clear winner. Think you know what it might be? We will give you a hint. It’s has chocolate AND crunchy wafers. It also comes in a pack of four. Figured it out yet? If you guessed a Kit-Kat Chocolate Bar, you are correct! We think it’s safe to say, that this delicious treat is a crowd favorite. So, we will be sure to have it available in your Montreal micro-market. That way everyone can enjoy it 24/7!

#2 Candy Bar

Now that we’ve established the number one favorite, what item could possibly be runner up? Some might say that if you’re not first you’re last. But, with this item’s gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts, and fudge all coated in chocolate… you’d be crazy to say that. Yep, the Oh Henry! bar could never be labeled, “last.” This staple item is a Montreal snack vending machine necessity!
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The Best Chips to Munch on This Year

#1 Snack Item

It’s no secret that Canada is known for this popular snack item. Just kidding! We know that maple syrup and beautiful scenery are what it’s really known for. However, Ruffles All Dressed Chips is number one in our reports! Yep, this item is a must-have in your Montreal office snacks service. Be sure to partner with a vending service provider that understands the importance of your product selections. Lucky for you, we do just that!

#2 Snack Item

Second place for this year’s most popular chips is a classic. Deliciously cheesy and always leaving you wanting more. You can never go wrong when you pick up a bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese chips in your Montreal break room. The only thing you might regret, is not buying two bags when you finish your first. But don’t fret! We make sure to stock plenty, so you’ll never go without!

Stocking Your Montreal Break Room with The Best Snacks!

With our smart inventory technology, we can run reports on all items sold. We utilize these reports by making sure popular products are always available and switching out low selling items. That way, your employees have the variety they want when visiting their Montreal vending machines.

So, are you ready to upgrade your refreshment services? Visit Canteen Canada or call 866-292-8363 to get started!

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