3 Ways Modern Vending Machines Boost Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park Break Rooms

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3 Ways Modern Vending Machines Boost Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park Break Rooms

Canteen Canada understands the importance of a positive workplace culture. That’s why our Edmonton modern vending machines offer much more than snacks. They let your employees enjoy personalized service. Better break room solutions can improve employee retention. They even support employee wellness.

Want to learn more? Here are three ways we can boost your Sherwood Park break room.

1. Personalized, Easy Services in St. Albert

Your team works hard to keep your company successful. They deserve to be rewarded. Treat them to VIP experiences with modern St. Albert beverage vending services. How? Our AI-powered machines have you covered! Our vending technology uses customer data and purchasing history. Thus, it offers personalized product recommendations.

Our AI vending machines make checkout a breeze. They accept secure cashless and contactless payments. Users can pay from their smartphones. This reduces the spread of germs and prevents employees from getting ill. As a result, they’ll take fewer sick days.

2. Modern Vending Machines Provide 24/7 Customer Care

Your staff takes great care of your business. Return the favor and take great care of them. ZippyAssist technology can help! Our Sherwood Park office vending machines provide 24/7 support. Didn’t get the product you wanted? Not a problem!

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Additionally, ZippyAssist lets users submit feedback. This helps us improve our services. Need help? Send a text! This makes waiting on hold a thing of the past.

Better customer service improves the break room experience. It’s also a great employee recruiting and retention tool.

3. Keep Your Machines Running and Fully Stocked

Busy employees hate empty vending machines. They also don’t have time for broken ones. Luckily, Canteen Canada is to the rescue! We use AI to monitor your machines remotely. Thus, we can prevent problems before they happen. This reduces repair costs and downtime. It also helps us keep your vending machines fully stocked. Employees can always buy what they want when they want it.

Offer Employee Discounts in Edmonton

Want other ways to reward your team? Subsidize your Edmonton micro-market and offer deep discounts on fresh foods and healthy snacks. This will improve staff satisfaction and let employees know you care.

Modern Vending Machines Benefit Businesses and Employees

Canteen Canada helps companies and employees feel like VIPs. Our modern vending machines offer personalized picks and speedy support. Our technology also keeps your break room fully stocked!

Contact us today to learn more. We offer subsidized vending, micro-market, and workplace refreshment services. We’re excited to hear from you!

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