Benefits of a Prescott Office Snacks Pantry Service

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Benefits of a Prescott Office Snacks Pantry Service

Ever heard of an office snacks pantry service? If not, get ready to learn about the best employee retention tool out there! Our Prescott office snacks program offers free snack and drink items right in your break room. That’s right! This is a great opportunity to attract employees and keep them happy throughout their workday.


Below we are breaking down a few benefits of an office snacks program in your Prescott break room.

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A Customized Product Menu in Your Prescott Break Room

The first major benefit of our Prescott office snacks service is that the menu is unique to your preferences. This service allows you to choose which items you would like to see in your company pantry. Therefore, you can add products you like, remove unpopular items, and bring in new options you’d like to try. So, your employees will love the variety available to them right down the hall.


Tip: Find fun ways to include your teams’ opinions in their Prescott vending service menu (i.e. a survey or poll). It’s a great way to get them involved!


A Prescott Office Snacks Service will “WOW” Employee Prospects


Having a hard time making your company stand out from the rest when it comes to recruitment? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Allow us to present two employment offers below.


Scenario: Both companies have offered the same competitive salary, benefits, and time off. However, the only difference within the two offers are as follows:


Company 1: Has a company break room with no refreshment services included. But it does have a fridge available to store lunches and snacks brought from home.


Company 2: Has a company break room stocked with free beverage and snack items for employees to utilize. They encourage frequent breaks and employee feedback on their break room services.


Decision: The prospect declined Company 1’s offer and accepted Company 2’s. The main deciding factor was the added benefit of the pantry service available in the break room.


So, what’s the major take away from this example? Easy, set your Prescott business up for success with a stellar break room service. It might just be the only thing setting you apart from the competition!

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Free Snacks Show Appreciation & Boosts Office Morale


Did you know that your break room services play a large part of your employee’s workplace satisfaction? Yes, it’s true! By upgrading your Prescott refreshment services, you’ll also boost your office morale and workplace satisfaction. But, how? By rewarding your employee with free food and beverages, it shows your appreciation for their hard work. Plus, when you acknowledge a job well done, you’re strengthening your workplace culture. It’s a win-win situation!


Tip: Consider adding an office coffee service to your Prescott refreshment solutions. It’s another perk your employees will love!


Allow us to Level Up Your Prescott Refreshment Services


So, are you ready to transform your office break room with our office snacks program? Visit us at Canteen Canada or call 866.292.8363 today. We are excited about our future partnership!

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