Canteen Canada’s Vending & Refreshment Services are Available From Coast to Coast

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Canteen Canada’s Vending & Refreshment Services are Available From Coast to Coast

No matter where you are in Canada, Canteen Canada offers great national vending and refreshment services. Get workplace refreshment services in Calgary, enjoy healthy snack choices in Vancouver, and sip on bold coffee brews in Toronto. Canteen Canada’s high level of service makes break room solutions an employee recruiting tool everywhere. We ensure quality brands are in your office vending and micro-markets. Plus, our scale lets us bring in new technology that wows your team.

Ready to explore a cross-province service provider? Keep reading about how this can help Canteen Canada be an asset to your workplace.

Vending & Refreshment Services Across Locations

Our presence across the nation lets Canteen Canada serve break rooms coast to coast. Now, it is easy for us to help companies in many locations. We keep the quality high and services consistent for staff in all areas.

National vending services will allow you to have the same break room experience. We can ensure that all of your locations have top brands. That keeps it fair for your staff, which is vital for a good workplace culture. This is true for clients using our micro-markets, too. Staff in each location will get access to fresh food and healthy snack choices. That’s a win for employee wellness.

Let’s not forget trendy office coffee drink brewers. Canteen Canada offers a national office coffee service that brews great coffee regardless of location. Not a coffee drinker? Consider our office tea service to create a tea bar of herbal teas and infusions. It’s a boost to health and a great alternative to coffee.

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Cutting Edge Services for You

Serving clients across the nation lets us launch new technology. One example is ZippyAssist, our customer relations tool. This is a user point of contact for all our services. Staff can reach us directly to report an issue or make a request. It even supports English and French speakers. The best part is that it saves time and makes the team heard.

Canteen Canada is Your One Source for Vending & Refreshment Services

Our many locations across Canada ensure a better service for you. We can easily serve companies that have facilities across provinces. Yet, there is one contact and one report. Plus, we bring consistent, high service to vending, micro-markets, and office coffee. Quality brands and variety will make your teams happy, no matter where they work. That’s great for employee retention and company morale.  Reach out to Canteen Canada for more about our services across Canada. We can’t wait to create a break room that will impress. It’s time to show your employees you care.

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