Boost Workplace Productivity with Vancouver, Kitsilano, and Shaughnessy Micro-Market Solutions

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Boost Workplace Productivity with Vancouver, Kitsilano, and Shaughnessy Micro-Market Solutions

Is your workplace running as well as it should? If not, add a Vancouver micro-market! These mini-stores can solve your productivity problems. How? For starters, employees can buy healthy snack choices 24/7. A micro-market also boosts morale. When employees are happy and well-fed, they’ll perform at their best!

Want to learn more? Read why micro-markets help employees work smarter, not harder.

Healthy Snacks Keep Kitsilano Employees Fueled

Micro-markets support employee wellness. Employees can shop for fresh foods right on-site. Canteen Canada stocks our Kitsilano micro-markets with delicious and nutritious meals. For example, we offer wraps, salads, and soups. Micro-markets also provide plenty of healthy snacks and hydrating beverages, so employees will stay full between meals.

When employees eat better, they stay energized. Healthy foods keep them sharp, and quality drinks keep them hydrated, preventing headaches and brain fog.

Want to enjoy these micro-market benefits? We’ll help you find the best Vancouver break room solutions for your staff. Canteen Canada can design a micro-market and menu to your exact needs.

Vancouver Micro-Markets Keep Employees Happy

A positive workplace culture drives productivity. According to Forbes, happy employees perform better, and it can also improve employee retention.

Keep employees upbeat with a micro-market. They can easily buy fresh meals. Employees will skip driving to the store. Thus, they’ll have more time to enjoy lunch with coworkers. This deepens office relationships.

Subsidize your micro-market. Offer deep discounts on healthy items. This shows you care about your team’s health, and it’s a great employee recruiting tool!

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A Micro-Market Is Quick and Convenient

Your employees are busy. Thus, they may skip lunch. Avenue C Express makes this problem a thing of the past. Our micro-markets have self-checkout kiosks. Pay with cash, cards, or mobile wallets. Employees don’t have to wait in long checkout lines. Our Shaughnessy micro-markets are quick and convenient!

Vancouver Employees Enjoy Endless Varieties

They say variety is the spice of life. It’s also the key to employee happiness and productivity! Canteen Canada’s PICO coolers hold over 150 items. Our micro-markets also have snack racks. Thus, there are enough options for everybody. Buy fresh meals, candy, chips, or healthy snacks. Employees can also get soda, juice, or energy drinks.

Need help picking the right products? We’ve got you covered! We’ll listen to your needs and then design a menu that employees will love.

Improve Productivity with A Micro-Market

As you can see, micro-markets can boost productivity. They can also improve retention. Employees stay happy and healthy. They’ll have more time to connect with coworkers.

Want to learn more about our Vancouver workplace refreshment services? Contact Canteen Canada today at 866.292.8363. Ask us about our micro-market, vending, and office coffee services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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