The Future of Office Coffee Culture in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Workplaces

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The Future of Office Coffee Culture in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Workplaces

Office coffee trends are always changing. It can be tough for businesses to keep up. However, staying on top of trends keeps your Montreal break room solutions fresh. This keeps your team happy. Thus, employee retention and satisfaction will rise.

Want to offer emerging office coffee service trends in your workplace? Call Canteen Canada today! We’re always ahead of the curve. Keep reading to learn the top trends to add to your Westmount workplace refreshment services.

Specialty and Sustainable Montreal Coffee Blends

Today’s employees love specialty flavors, and they also care about sustainability. Add both to your Montreal break room coffee solutions! We carry gourmet blends from trusted brands. For instance, we offer Starbucks and Tim Hortons coffee. Employees can enjoy quality in every cup.

We also have blends from sustainable coffee companies. Protect people and the planet!

Advanced Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Office Coffee Technology

Want a state-of-the-art break room? Embrace advanced coffee technology! How? Contact Canteen Canada. Ask us about our bean-to-cup coffee machines. They grind whole beans. Thus, every cup tastes fresh. Employees also have more options. Make lattes, coffee, or cappuccinos.

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Our contactless Westmount office coffee equipment keeps employees healthy. Users make coffee right from their smartphones. This reduces the spread of germs. Enjoy safe, delicious coffee with confidence!

Want something different? Try a traditional office coffee service. Don’t let the name fool you! We have modern machines that keep up with employees’ coffee demands.

Lastly, try a single-cup coffee brewer. They make stale coffee a thing of the past. Plus, users can personalize their cups with the touch of a button.

Healthy Tea and Office Coffee Services

Help employees feel their best. Add tea to your office coffee service. Tea has many health benefits. It boosts the immune system, which allows employees to fight off colds. Tea also reduces inflammation. Lastly, it may lower the risk of cancer.

Healthy snack choices pair perfectly with tea! Stock your vending machines with nutritious foods. Or, offer fresh options in your micro-market. We’ll customize a menu just for you. Our menu changes weekly, and employees always have something new to look forward to!

This promotes a healthy workplace culture. Employees will know you care. As a result, you can improve employee recruiting efforts.

Canteen Canada is Ahead of the Rest

Want a better break room? If so, you need a better break room provider. Canteen Canada stays on top of future trends. That’s because of our advanced technology. This keeps us—and you—ahead of the curve.

Want to learn more? Contact Canteen Canada today at 866.292.8363. We offer office coffee, vending, and micro-market solutions. Chat soon!

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