Canteen Canada | Who We Are, What We Do, and Our Core Values

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Canteen Canada | Who We Are, What We Do, and Our Core Values


Who is Canteen Canada? We are the nation’s largest vending service provider for vending, micro-markets, coffee, and office snack services.


Our promise is to help our customers take the best breaks possible. You might ask, “how do you make this happen?” By creating physical and mental spaces for people to take a moment to refuel, recharge, and relax. Here at Canteen Canada, our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service in the most efficient way. Additionally, our vision is to be our customers most valued partner by providing a variety of high-quality refreshment solutions.


But wait, there’s more! Keep reading to learn about our 5 core values.

Core Value #1 = Teamwork

Have you heard the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work?” Well, we stand by that statement. In addition, we believe the amount of support and encouragement we provide our team makes us successful. By building an environment that fosters collaboration, we improve our workplace communication. This helps us to go above and beyond for our customers. So, allow us to enhance your vending service experience with all hands-on deck!


Core Value #2 = Superior Service

Our dedication to providing an unmatched level of service is what makes us stand out. With strong communication and hard work, every customer is properly serviced and satisfied. Chances are, if you’ve been away from home and hungry, we have served you. Let us “wow” your associates everyday with our Avenue C micro-market service!

Core Value #3 = Passion for QualityToronto Workplace Satisfaction | Montreal Office Morale | London Employee Benefits

Our company culture centers around one idea – doing the right thing. Furthermore, this simple notion fuels us to provide superior product choices that are sourced locally and responsibly. Want to provide your employees the best? Our office snacks service can help you boost workplace satisfaction with free snack and drink options!


Core Value #4 = Innovation

We are built on a legacy of innovation. Therefore, we provide modern vending solutions to every customer. Additionally, we stay up to date on the latest vending technologies. These solutions include mobile payment options and no-touch coffee brewers. So, upgrade your office coffee service with industry leading brewing solutions. We promise you won’t regret it!


Core Value #5 = Wellbeing

Upholding standards of wellness in both our workplace and yours is very important to us. Therefore, our break room services encourage healthy eating habits while working to minimize waste. What’s more, our efforts to bring better-for-you products to your company break room are never ending. Plus, our Waste Not program aids our sustainability goals. So, we can work together to build a corporate wellness program and help your company go green at the same time.

What We Strive For

To conclude, no matter what your company focus is, we can work together to make it happen. We have the industry experience, resources, and knowledge to bring superior vending solutions to your company’s break room. So, if you are ready to transform your refreshment solutions, visit us at Canteen Canada or call 866.292.8363 today. We would love the opportunity to show you exactly what we are made of!

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