How To Create an Epic Prescott Break Room

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How To Create an Epic Prescott Break Room

The break room is essential for enhancing your Prescott workplace culture and employee satisfaction. To create a welcoming space, investing in your break room’s overall experience is essential. This will help build an inclusive environment and encourage employees to enjoy their lunches on-site.


Employees who travel to grab lunch can sometimes feel rushed for time. If they have a 30-minute lunch break, having a well-stocked break room can help employees maximize their time. Therefore, enticing employees to eat lunch at the office can benefit them and your business.


Need more convincing? If so, you’re in luck! Below, we’re breaking down three ways you can create an employee oasis, right in the break room!


1. Upgrade to an Avenue C Micro-Market Service

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A Prescott micro-market brings the experience of a convenience store directly to your workplace. The self-checkout kiosk allows employees to purchase their favorite foods and beverages effortlessly. Even better, it also offers a variety of payment options. So, if an individual doesn’t have cash on hand, they can use their credit/debit card or account instead.


Furthermore, this open-market concept is visually appealing. With modern displays and glass front coolers, employees can easily find what they’re looking for. Fresh foods, chilled beverages, and tasty snacks are regularly restocked. Plus, these lunch options are more affordable and accessible than restaurant menu items. Ultimately, a micro-market helps employees enjoy fresh, nutritious meals without leaving the office. This will surely boost your Prescott corporate wellness initiatives!


2. Have a Free Office Snacks and Beverage Service

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To set themselves apart, many companies aim to offer more employee perks. An often underestimated perk is our Prescott office pantry service. This hassle-free service provides free snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. With healthy pantry options, such as sparkling water and protein rich snacks, your staff can quickly refuel themselves during their busy workday.


For an added bonus, be sure to include a Prescott office coffee service. This will keep your team energized and productive all day long. Plus, it’s a great way to bring your team together.


3. Cultivate Community with a Welcoming Break Room

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Grab-and-go food and beverage options aren’t the only factors contributing to an epic break room. In fact, décor can set the tone for a relaxing and collaborative atmosphere. When furnishing your Prescott break room, consider comfy chairs, games, cabinets stocked with reusable silverware and dishes, or even a potted plant. These items might seem small, but they create an inviting atmosphere when put together. Therefore, employees will be more inclined to recharge onsite.


How Your Prescott Business Can Enhance Its Break Room Experience

So, do you want to entice your employees to use the break room more but need some guidance? Don’t worry, Canteen Canada can help! With years of practice bringing our customers the best break possible, we’ve got you covered. We have everything from a Bevi water cooler to energy-efficient vending solutions!
To learn more about our custom Prescott refreshment services, call us today at 866-292-8363. We look forward to hearing from you!

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