Make a splash in your Kanata workplace with water filtration

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Make a splash in your Kanata workplace with water filtration

We offer a variety of break room solutions, such as water filtration solutions, coffee services, and fan-favorite office snacks throughout Kanata. With years of experience, we know what it takes to provide the best break room experience. We use that knowledge to help customers create a positive and healthy workplace for their team with personalized solutions.

Employees with easy access to healthy refreshments will feel empowered and perform better. In other words, a great break room service supports wellness and increases productivity. So, are you looking for ways to improve your break room services? If yes, we can help. Keep reading for our top tips for upgrading to a new water filtration service. 

Opt for a full-service break room provider

For starters, it’s important to work with a full-service provider to ensure the best customer service and quality of products. When you work with us, we can incorporate water filtration into any of our Kanata refreshment solutions. Not only does this provide employees with clean drinking water, but it will enhance the taste of your office coffee and tea service. In addition, providing chilled and purified water will create an employee oasis in the break room. Score!

High-quality water filtration equipment 

The equipment used in your Kanata break room makes all the difference. And we’ll help you select the best options to fit your needs and budget. We offer countertop and standing models that can fit any office space, big or small. You can even opt for a water and ice combo for more convenience. Are you looking for something sleeker and high-tech? No problem! Go with the Bevi Water Cooler, which delivers water with a wow factor. Its customized hydration options include still or sparkling water and flavored and kosher-friendly flavor selections.

Why an office water cooler is essential for your businessRefreshment Services | Office Water Service | Corporate Wellness Program

Of course, drinking water and staying hydrated are important to everyday wellness. Therefore, keeping employees hydrated with a water filtration service will help them feel their best. And guess what? Hydrated employees have more energy, better focus, and more concentration. No, we’re not kidding! It allows them to perform better and be more productive throughout busy workdays. Plus, it keeps them happier and creates lower stress levels. Who doesn’t want that?

Upgrade your Kanata break room with water filtration

Give your team the best break room experience possible — they deserve it! Contact Canteen Canada at 866.292.8363 for more information about our micro-market services, office coffee, pantry service, or vending machines. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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