Spilling Some “Tea-riffic” Benefits of Having an Ottawa Tea Service

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Spilling Some “Tea-riffic” Benefits of Having an Ottawa Tea Service

The new year is underway, and there’s no better time for a break room refresh! A great place to start is with an Ottawa office tea service. After all, coffee and tea are how most employees start the workday. So, it is essential to give them the fuel they need to start each morning on the right foot (or should we say cup?).

There are a variety of benefits to an office coffee and tea service. For instance, it promotes workplace wellness and encourages collaboration among employees. But if you’re not sure where to start, rest assured! When you work with Canteen Canada, we’ll help you create a refreshment service that fits your needs.

So, are you ready to give employees a new favorite workplace perk? If so, keep reading for the top benefits of adding tea to your Ottawa break room service.

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Tea promotes employee wellness

It’s the time for new year’s resolutions, so help employees reach their wellness goals! Drinking tea provides various health benefits that will help your team feel their best. For example, green tea can help promote weight loss and reduce the risk of several diseases. In addition, caffeinated tea can help give employees the energy boost they need during the day. Overall, tea is an excellent addition to any Ottawa office coffee station! 

A great perk for non-coffee drinkers

No Ottawa break room is complete without a great coffee service, it’s true. But what about employees who don’t drink coffee? It’s simple; add tea to the menu! That way, everyone can enjoy their favorite beverage. As a result, your team will feel taken care of and appreciate the options. It’s a win-win for the whole crew!

Promotes a collaborative workplace environment 

Positive relationships are essential to creating an inclusive workplace. “Tea time” is a great way to do just that! For example, it can help improve your workplace culture. Rather than a formal lunch meeting, a quick chat over coffee or tea feels more relaxed and welcoming.

An Ottawa tea service boosts productivity

A healthy and energized workforce is a productive and hardworking one. So, how can you give employees the energy they need to get through those busy workdays? By adding tea to your Ottawa office coffee service, that’s how! Whether you have a single-cup coffee brewer, traditional office coffee, or a bean-to-cup service, tea is an easy way to elevate your experience.

Upgrade your break room with an Ottawa tea service today!

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