Elevate Your Victoria Workplace with a Summer Hydration Program

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Elevate Your Victoria Workplace with a Summer Hydration Program

It’s important to keep your Victoria team cool and hydrated during the hot summer months. That’s why Canteen Canada has a custom hydration program that offers employees free or subsidized water and sports drinks. This program helps your team stay healthy and happy despite the heat. Plus, it can be incorporated into any of our services! 

Why Hydration Matters

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Water and electrolytes are essential for many reasons. A few include having higher energy, better concentration, and reduced stress. When you offer free drinks with our hydration program, employees will feel their best. No, we’re not kidding! In fact, they will feel happier and more productive. And who doesn’t want that?

Sports drinks are a great addition because they have electrolytes. Drinks with electrolytes give back the minerals that are lost when we sweat. Therefore, replenishing electrolytes lost when working in the heat is crucial. With that being said, this program can benefit your employees and the company’s bottom line. So, if you want to make the most of these hot summer months, we can help!

Customized Service & Hassle-Free Invoicing

Canteen Canada knows that every workplace is different. That’s why we will craft a personalized solution to fit your unique needs. Plus, we make it easy to manage by providing monthly invoices and a custom service schedule. But wait, there’s more! We can even add a cooler to your Victoria micro-market dedicated to holding these beverages. Stocked with the products you want to provide discounted or for free, so inventory never runs out.

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Additionally, you can give your team tokens to use at your Victoria break room vending machines. These tokens act like cash, making it simple to supply refreshing drinks to employees. Trust us, they’re going to love it!

Promote Healthy Hydration in the Break Room

Show employees you care about their well-being with a hydration program in your Victoria break room. After all, drinking enough water helps both their bodies and minds. Plus, offering free or subsidized drinks promotes employee wellness and boosts morale at the same time. It’s a win-win! 

Upgrade your Victoria Water Service Today!

Make your Victoria workplace better this summer with a personalized hydration program! Your team will stay cool, hydrated, and motivated with refreshing drinks. Contact Canteen Canada at 866.292.8363 to get started!

For more information about our Avenue C micro-markets, coffee and tea service, office snacks service, or vending machines, visit us online. We look forward to supporting your team!

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