Forward-Thinking Fresh Food Solutions for Montreal Workplaces

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Forward-Thinking Fresh Food Solutions for Montreal Workplaces

Let’s face it. It’s tough to eat right at work. From endless to-do lists to tight deadlines, who has time to enjoy a nutritious meal? Luckily, our premium fresh food program can help Montreal businesses everywhere. When you partner with us, your team will enjoy quality foods and healthy office snacks. Plus, we offer tons of options. For example, start your morning with a breakfast burrito. Or, have a salad wrap for lunch. Yum!

Did we mention that our Waste Not program can reduce food waste? That’s right! We use an accounting system called SEED. This helps us track food sales and waste. We use this information to make smart menus. So, stocking your food cooler with the right items is simple!

Additionally, Canteen Canada supports local organizations like Stop Food Waste Day and Second Harvest Food Rescue. We make Montreal break rooms greener by locally and ethically sourcing our products. Even better, doing so helps benefit local communities!

Want to treat your team to high-quality fresh food? If so, our Montreal break room service has what you need. Keep reading to learn how our solutions can benefit your workplace.

Fresh food promotes employee wellness

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Firstly, fresh food promotes a healthy culture from the top down. Offering fresh food in your Montreal micro-market helps employees make better choices. 

Are no restaurants open late at night? Is it a long drive to the closest store? No problem! Our modern Avenue C micro-market service is ideal for companies with multiple shifts. With the market’s self-checkout kiosk, they can purchase nutritious options 24/7. Ultimately, this brings convenience and more variety right to your Montreal break room!

Additionally, fresh food can benefit your business too! How? Healthy employees take fewer sick days and have better concentration levels. Therefore, your staff will also be more productive. In short, fresh food fuels efficiency!

More success, less stress 

Burnout is a common problem for busy Montreal employees. Luckily, fresh food can help! Studies show that a balanced diet improves clarity and lowers stress. For example, eating fruits and vegetables can reduce stress hormones. Therefore, employees will feel more relaxed throughout the day.

As a result, office morale will rise. Happy employees work better together! A healthy refreshment service can also boost employee retention. Top talent will be more likely to stick around, and recruiting new employees will be a breeze!   

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Limitless fresh food options 

We are proud to be Canada’s largest vending service provider. As such, we have unlimited access to quality ingredients and fresh foods. These can be added to any of our Montreal break room solutions. Including:

  • Office snacks: Show your crew you care with free food! They can eat better and feel appreciated daily.
  • Avenue C: Want to wow employees? Ask us about our customized micro-markets! These mini convenience stores offer endless options. Furthermore, we offer rotating menus. So, staff satisfaction is guaranteed!


Our fresh food solutions make Montreal break rooms better

Want to learn how we can upgrade your break room? If so, contact Canteen Canada today by calling 866.292.8363 or visit us online. We offer micro-market, office snacks, vending machines, office coffee, and water filtration services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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