How Modern Vending Machines Benefit your Vancouver Break Room

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How Modern Vending Machines Benefit your Vancouver Break Room

What makes modern vending machines a Vancouver break room must-have? To put it simply, it benefits your team. No, we’re not kidding! For instance, vending machines provide quality grab-and-go snacks, drinks, and even fresh food. So, employees in a rush can rely on them when in need of a quick bite. Therefore, having a reliable Vancouver vending service is essential to your employees and business!

However, having dependable equipment is only part of the puzzle. The other half is partnering with a break room service provider who understands the needs of your business. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we do! As industry experts, we’ve found ways to set ourselves apart. Want to know how? If so, keep reading below!

Advanced Vending Equipment

We supply our customers with the latest and greatest in refreshment technology. Why? First, modern vending machines can transform the look and feel of your workspace. Second, they’re more reliable and provide a better break time experience. And third, they are remotely monitored and secure. So, we can make sure items never run out! Therefore, your team can always find their favorite treat when visiting your Vancouver snack vending machine!

“Only Cash” Vending Machines are in the Past!

Did we mention that our vending machines offer more ways to pay? If so, it’s worth mentioning again! From tap-enabled credit/debit cards to google/apple pay, everyone loves the convenience of paying their way. Employees can shop, select, and swipe/scan their preferred payment. That way, everyone can get something tasty to eat when visiting your Vancouver food vending machine. No cash? No problem!

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Vending Machines Tailored to your Company

Providing a custom product menu is another thing that sets us apart from other break room providers. Your Vancouver beverage vending machine will have selections personalized to your needs. From classic staples to trendy new items, we can stock it all. Before installing your vending equipment, we will work with you to craft your ideal menu.

Whether you want certified kosher snacks or a healthy vending service, we can make it happen. But wait, there’s more! After installation, we will monitor purchases to track the best-selling and slow-moving items. By doing so, we can swap out unpopular items with something new. And in turn, keep the top-selling ones in stock. This ensures your employees can always find what they’re looking for when hunger strikes. When you partner with us, say goodbye to being “hangry!”

Give your Vancouver Vending Service a Boost

Having modern and reliable vending equipment can make all the difference to your employees and business. So, upgrade your Vancouver refreshment services with us today. Instead of leaving the office to get a quality meal, employees can head to the break room. Trust us, everyone will love you for it!

To learn more about how we can craft your ideal solution, visit us at Canteen Canada or call 866.292.8363 today. From office coffee to cashless pantry, we can’t wait to find your break room’s perfect fit!




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