How to Optimize Employee Wellness in your Toronto Break Room

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How to Optimize Employee Wellness in your Toronto Break Room

Employee wellness is a key factor to consider when it comes to your Toronto refreshment services. In today’s world, people want healthy options readily available. Therefore, having a well-stocked break room is a must! So, meet your team’s wants and needs by adding better-for-you products to your vending service.

Interested in learning more? We thought you would be! Read on to learn how to your break room service can promote a healthy lifestyle.

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When it comes to your company’s refreshment services, water is essential. Drinking plenty of water has loads of wellness benefits. For instance, being hydrated improves an individual’s physical health and mental processes. Therefore, your team will feel more focused and productive throughout the day. And who doesn’t what that?! So, help your team feel their best with our Toronto water filtration service.

Looking to go the extra mile and boost your workplace perks even more? Look no further! Our Bevi Water cooler could be the answer. With Bevi, you can customize your cup with flavor and carbonation options. It’ll be a hit around the office! 

Did you know… our water filtration solutions can be added to any service we offer, including our Toronto office coffee services? Yep, it’s true! Reach out today to learn more!

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Whole Foods & Fresh Ingredients

Part of today’s health movement is to eat whole foods with natural and fresh ingredients. One of the easiest ways to do this is with your Toronto micro-market. Adding fresh selections in the break room makes it easier for employees to make healthy choices. So, consider adding salads, wraps, and protein-rich foods to your micro-market menu. 

Fresh fruits are also ideal snacks to have around when sugar cravings hit. Adding it to your Toronto office pantry menu is another simple way to promote healthy eating. Employees can enjoy these tasty treats for breakfast, lunch, or mid-day snacks.

Vending Services that Promote Employee Wellness

Not many employers know that vending machine products can be healthy too. Don’t worry, we’re here to share that they can! When you partner with us, every service we offer can be customized to support your wellness initiatives. Yep, that includes a healthy vending service! From sugar free beverages to protein-rich snacks, we have everything your Toronto vending service needs.

Encourage Employee Wellness in your Toronto Break Room

If you’re ready to boost your workplace benefits with a healthier refreshment service, our team is ready to help! As industry experts, we understand the wants of Toronto employees and help you provide them. To get started, visit us at Canteen Canada or call 866-292-8363 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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