5 Seasonal Snacks & Coffee Ideas for Your Calgary Break Room

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5 Seasonal Snacks & Coffee Ideas for Your Calgary Break Room

The air is crisp, and the leaves are changing to bright reds and yellows. Employees are also wearing cozy sweaters. This all means one thing: fall is in full swing! The holidays are also right around the corner. Thus, now is the perfect time to try seasonal snacks & coffee. Why? It adds holiday cheer to your coffee break! Plus, seasonal snacks and sips are great employee benefits. They make your Calgary break room festive!

Need seasonal flavor ideas? Here are five to try. Stock them in your Calgary snack vending machines. Or, add them to your coffee bar!

1. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin spice is the perfect flavor for your Calgary office coffee service. Employees can sip in the fall season. This coffee truly tastes like pumpkin. Plus, it has hints of cloves and nutmeg spices.

Want the pumpkin flavors to shine through? If so, consider a single-cup coffee brewer for the office. Every cup of coffee tastes fresh. Canteen Canada carries these brewers and more! That’s why we’re Calgary’s most trusted office coffee provider.

2. Peppermint Snacks & Coffee

Peppermint is a holiday favorite. It’s minty and cool. Offer peppermint creamers in the break room. Or, get a Calgary bean-to-cup brewer. This makes coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes. Thus, employees can make all types of peppermint drinks. This turns your break room into a holiday café!

You can also tempt employees with peppermint snacks. There are plenty to choose from! Keep a basket of candy canes in the break room. Or, stock your vending machines with York Peppermint Patties.

3. Toasted Caramel Coffee and Creamers

Let employees cozy up with toasted caramel coffee. This is the perfect seasonal hot drink. Toasted caramel has smooth and creamy flavors. Plus, it has a mild finish. Thus, it’s great for employees who don’t like bold tastes.

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Want something other than coffee? No problem! We’re more than a coffee supplier. Canteen Canada is also a Calgary office tea supplier. We carry trendy teas. Our teas keep employees alert. They can also lift their mood. This helps everyone stay happy and productive!

4. Kit Kats Are a Crunchy Seasonal Treat

Satisfy your staff’s sweet tooth with chocolatey treats. How? Offer Kit Kats or other candies in your Calgary break room. Kit Kats are sweet and crunchy. They’re perfect for dunking in your coffee. Kit Kats are also a delicious lunchtime dessert.

5. Healthy Food Options

Want healthier options? Canteen Canada has those, too! Ask us about our healthy vending snacks and drinks. For instance, we carry protein-packed products. We also have Kosher snacks and hydrating beverages. Furthermore, we offer fresh vending foods. Enjoy fresh grab-and-go options like fruits and sandwiches.

Do you have a Calgary micro-market? If so, offer healthy meals. This makes it easy for employees to make healthier choices. They’ll also feel their best during the holidays.

Your One-Stop Shop for Seasonal Snacks & Coffee

Offer seasonal snacks and coffee in your break room. Canteen Canada makes this easy! We’re a trusted Calgary coffee service provider. We also offer sweet vending treats and healthy foods.

Contact Canteen Canada today at 866.292.8363 for more information about our office coffee, vending, and micro-market solutions. We’re excited to talk to you!

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