Snack Smart & Snack Often – Kanata Office Snacks Service

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Snack Smart & Snack Often – Kanata Office Snacks Service

Is your staff snacking enough? If not, they should be! Why? Because healthy office snacks support employee wellness, that’s why. They also boost productivity. This benefits employees and your business. Therefore, Kanata office snacks are a break room must-have!

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to learn why healthy snacks are essential for your Kanata break room. We’ll also teach you tips to encourage employees to take more snack breaks. 

Benefits of Healthy Break Room Snacks

Healthy snacks during work hours are important. They power up Kanata employees and keep them alert. Therefore, it improves their performance. Snacking also boosts energy levels. Healthy pick-me-ups help employees conquer their workday!

Additionally, snacks keep employees sharp. They’ll stay full between meals. They can focus on their tasks, not their rumbling tummies. Thus, their quality of work will improve.

Want to improve your Kanata workplace wellness initiatives? Snacks can do that! Busy employees may skip meals. As a result, they may overeat at lunch or dinner. Overeating can affect your sleep. It can also make you feel bloated or tired. Snacking between meals prevents overeating. Thus, employees will feel their best.

Furthermore, skipping meals impacts blood sugar levels. This affects work performance.  Kanata office break room snacks help maintain your blood sugar. Choose snacks with protein or carbs.

Lastly, snacking allows employees to take breaks. They can relax and recharge. Ultimately, this reduces burnout. After breaks, they’ll be more productive. Kanata mini market | Grab and go snacks at work | Avenue C Micro-market service

Encourage Employees to Take More Snack Breaks 

So, how can you encourage employees to take more snack breaks? Build a better Kanata break room with Canteen Canada! We offer a virtually endless snack menu, including specialty items. Thus, there are options for everyone! Have a sweet tooth? Offer dark chocolate treats. Feeling fruity? Get fresh fruits or veggie cups. We also have nuts, yogurt, protein bars, and more.

Stock healthy snacks in your vending machines. Or, keep them in your Kanata Avenue C micro-market. We offer both options! Employees can step away from their desks and buy healthy snacks on-site. This saves employees time and money. They’ll enjoy longer lunch breaks. Employees can eat lunch with coworkers. This promotes connection. Your staff can bond. As a result, they’ll work better together. Staff satisfaction will skyrocket! It’s also a great employee recruitment tool.

Don’t forget hydration! Drinking water is as important as snacking. Ask us about our Kanata water filtration service. This removes unwanted chemicals and impurities, so the water tastes better. We also offer office coffee services. Employees can enjoy treats with their tea or coffee. They‘ll stay hydrated and feel full!

Upgrade to a Smarter Snacks Service

Canteen Canada makes smarter snacking simple! We personalize our Kanata office snack service to meet your unique needs. You will be paired with a dedicated account manager. Plus, we’ll invoice you monthly. This is a hassle-free workplace benefit.

Want to learn more? Contact Canteen Canada today at 866-292-8363. We look forward to hearing from you!

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