4 Ways a Victoria Avenue C Express Market is the Perfect Post-Covid Break Room Solution

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4 Ways a Victoria Avenue C Express Market is the Perfect Post-Covid Break Room Solution

As you begin to welcome your Victoria employees back into the office, you’ve also got to keep in mind how to reopen your break room safely. Feeding your employees is a must, but how? While it seems like a big challenge to face, we have the solution for you. Our Avenue C Express Market is perfect for smaller spaces. Not to mention, it is a perfect low to no contact service.


So, let’s uncover the benefits of an Avenue C Express Market and how it can safely keep your employees fed and fueled throughout the workday.


1. Touchless is Key


Our Avenue C Express markets are completely self-serviced through our connect and pay mobile app. That’s right, this means that everything you purchase, you do it through your personal cell phone. This eliminates unnecessary contact with germs while handling cash or a kiosk. Through connect and pay, we are also able to maintain your account balances. You will be able to see past purchases made as well as an updated balance after each sale. Plus, you can preload your account for an even faster check out. You’ll be snacking in no time!

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2. Avenue C Express = Perfect for Smaller Spaces    


Many Canadian businesses have decided to downsize their offices after the pandemic. Our Victoria Avenue C Express market is meant for compact spaces. Not to fear, we can fit a large variety of product options in the open shelving and glass front cooler. Additionally, we can customize our market to fit your specific needs and space.


Incorporating our Avenue C Express into your break room solutions would serve as a major employee perk. Don’t let limited space stop you from capitalizing on quality food and beverages in your office break room.


3. Never Go Without 


Did we mention our Avenue C Express markets are open 24/7? Long gone are the days of Victoria vending machines being the only option for employees working late or over-night. Our Avenue C Express gives your employees the freedom and flexibility to shop our products any time hunger strikes. Additionally, our wireless technology allows us to track sales and efficiently restock your market based on products sold. So, not only will your market always be full. It will be filled with products your employees like to eat and drink!


4. Avenue C Improves Employee Satisfaction


Throughout the past year, employees have had to adapt to working from home or having limited contact throughout the workday. Upgrading your Victoria office break room services will help smooth the transition back into the office. Your employees will appreciate not having to leave the office to get a delicious cup of coffee or quick bite to eat. So, show your employees you care about their safety and wellbeing by providing them a place to relax and unwind. We promise, you won’t regret a thing!


For more information about our Victoria break room solutions, please contact Canteen Canada or call 866.292.8363. We look forward to hearing from you!

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