3 Ways to Upgrade Your Edmonton Break Room Services for 2024

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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Edmonton Break Room Services for 2024

Do your Edmonton break room services need a boost? If so, now is the perfect time to do so. Better break room solutions improve workplace culture. They also support employee well-being. A top-notch break room gives workers a place to relax and recharge. Thus, they won’t feel overloaded. They can also help themselves to healthy snack choices and hydrating beverages. Healthy snacks keep them fueled all day long!

Want to improve your break room for 2024? If so, contact Canteen Canada today! Keep reading to learn three ways we can upgrade your break room.

1. A Focus on Health and Wellness

Many employees want to take charge of their health in the new year. Help them reach their goals with healthy vending machine options. Canteen Canada offers tons of better-for-you items. For instance, we carry fresh foods, protein-rich products, and Kosher snacks. These healthy options make it easy for employees to eat healthy. Instead of driving to the store, they can buy quality products on-site. Plus, our updated vending machines use advanced technology. Therefore, you’ll stay ahead of the curve!

We are Canada’s largest break room service provider. As such, we carry tons of healthy foods and beverages. Our healthy vending machine options keep your Southwest Edmonton employees happy. As a result, it improves retention. Nutritious meals also lead to fewer sick days and more productivity. Thus, both employees and businesses benefit!

2. Hydrating Edmonton Area Break Room Services

In addition to eating well, employees must stay hydrated. Fresh water and hydration options keep employees alert and focused. Drinking fluids also prevents headaches and improves mood.

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Want to keep employees hydrated? Add more hydration stations in your Windsor Park break room. Ask Canteen Canada about our water filtration services. Our systems remove chemicals. Thus, they deliver great-tasting water. Additionally, our units fit into any space. That’s because we offer countertop and floor-standing models.

But our Edmonton area workplace refreshment services don’t end there! We also provide fantastic coffee and tea solutions. Add a bean-to-cup coffee machine to your break room. Fresh office coffee options make the office feel like a café. Employees will enjoy rich, delicious coffee. There’s quality in every cup!

Be sure to ask us about our tea services. Drinking tea promotes health and hydration. It also improves brain functioning and fights off inflammation. Thus, trendy teas are a big hit!

3. Create a Peaceful Employee Paradise

Help employees feel relaxed. How? Make your break room an office oasis. Paint the walls with calming colors. Try blues or greens. Comfy seating goes a long way. Add chairs, tables, or a couch. Windsor Park employees can sit down and stretch out.

Don’t forget the finishing touches. Houseplants promote peacefulness. They also improve indoor air quality. Hang a plant in the window. Or, place one on the countertop. Greenery makes break rooms feel like home!

Revamp Your Edmonton Break Room Services in 2024

Ready for a better break room? Call Canteen Canada today! Our solutions can improve employee recruiting and retention. We also boost workplace wellness with healthy and hydrating options.

Want to learn more? Contact Canteen Canada today at 866.292.8363. We’ll get your break room ready for 2024!

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